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I've been working lately on several things. First loquo Paris, a site a la Craig's List, that publish petites annonces in Paris. I've also hacked a bit on Original and restart a blog. Hope to be able to expand previous articles soon, specially the piece table one.

Piece table

Performance study & improvement suggestions for a word processor piece table. It shows the improvements consequence of using an autobalanced tree instead of a classic double linked list to handle the pieces of a piece table. It compares the performance of the reference implementation with the AbiWord 1.x piece table.

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Search & Replace

Alternative user interface for the “Search & Replace” functionality found all over in modern software. The idea of this interface came from Michel Beaudoin-Lafon. I just did a reimplementation of its idea using the Gtk+ toolkit.

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Typography and internationalization

Typografic and international issues to care about on a WordProcessor/DTP (article only in Spanish)

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Extract the user interface out of a running application to a glade file. It uses code from Shaun Clowes' injectso to inspect a running gtk+-2 program.

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Joaquin Cuenca Abela (e98cuenc at free dot fr)